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Operating systems, software, and iPad apps.


Microsoft apps including browsers, Microsoft Office, and more.


Chromebook basics, Google apps, device management, and Google extensions & add-ons.


Assessment tools, classroom management, communication tools, content, game-based learning, learning management, reference material, productivity, social media, and presentation tools.

Classroom Management

Time management, behavior management, device management, and organization.

Teaching Coding

Coding for beginners, game-based learning, and robotics.


Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools courses cover digital assessment tools and studying tools.

Presentation Tools

Digital storytelling, video-based, multimedia, whiteboard, and interactive tools.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration courses teach you how to incorporate tools for collaboration, blogging, and communication into your classroom.

Learning Management Systems

These courses cover programs designed to help teachers organize their classrooms and lessons.

Social Media

Courses covering social media outlets and using social media.

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