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A Better Way to Learn

Kyte Learning provides the ideal conditions for active learning. Our ed-tech experts know the challenges associated with implementing technology on any scale. You can make the most of any technology that you have at your disposal with tons of resources for classroom implementation.

EdTech Training at your Fingertips

Discovering better ways to use classroom technology is a common and worthy goal. Finding reliable and relevant training materials and lesson plans, however, is tough and often disappointing. Kyte Learning brings the best edtech resources together in one place through our ever-growing library of video tutorials and teacher created training content.

Personalized and Self-Paced

We’ve endured our fair share of bottled water and expired yogurt during a riveting training session in the cafeteria. Staff development is often one-sided and too generic to make a significant impact on each individual. We are enhancing traditional PD by offering a completely customizable solution that lets you break down tech–training into bite-sized pieces so you can learn what you want to learn when you want to learn it.

Real Feedback, Real Results

Was your training effective? Prove it! Track a variety of key metrics to keep close tabs on learning. Personalized dashboards and robust analytics give individual users as well as group leaders and administrators, an inside look at progress in any ed–tech category. Gauge understanding and proficiency through digital assessments for each course and view participation data with ease.

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