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As former edtech integration specialists, Kyte is all too familiar with the challenges many schools and districts face when it comes to offering meaningful professional development. Kyte was tired of the standard in-service day that failed to provide each attendee with meaningful technology implementation strategies, especially when every educator had a different level of technological expertise to begin with. Kyte Learning’s mission is to inspire educators to embrace classroom technology. With Kyte’s offering, you’ll have the best edtech resource around to do just that!

EdTech Training at your Fingertips

Discovering better ways to use classroom technology is a common and worthy goal. Finding reliable and relevant training materials and lesson plans, however, is tough and often disappointing. Kyte Learning brings the best edtech resources together in one place through our ever-growing library of video tutorials and teacher created training content.

Personalized Training

Cater to the needs of every individual by prescribing courses and content that are relevant to each unique learner. Administrators can group users by campus, role, skill level, or the subject they teach and assign content or track progress specific to each group.

Quick and To-the-Point

With anytime course access and beautiful mobile optimization, teachers have ultimate flexibility to embrace around the clock learning. Each course is broken down into bite-sized video lessons that never exceed four minutes in total length.

Custom Content

Create a one-stop-shop for all things training by adding your own content to Kyte. Upload custom video content or other project files and create your own badges and requirements to distribute within certain groups or, to share with your entire school or district. Find out how you can create and manage custom content.

Real Feedback, Real Results

Was your training effective? Prove it! Track a variety of key metrics to keep close tabs on learning. Personalized dashboards and robust analytics give individual users as well as group leaders and administrators an inside look at progress in any ed–tech category. Gauge understanding and proficiency through digital assessments for each course and view participation data with ease.

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